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A note about downloading my programs - some browsers may warn you that the file may be Dangerous.  When you download it there may be something similar to:


From what I can tell, Google and Chrome track how many times people have downloaded a file and if it does not meet their criteria they give this blanket warning.  I think I could pay them some money and I would get my program white-listed but I won't do that.  I'm not making any money on this and these programs are safe.  I encourage you to use the MD5 checksums to verify the files, and please scan them with your anti-virus and anti-malware software.

These may eventually end up on other websites, but the new versions are only on this site.  Plus you get the screenshots and tutorials without any ads.

Program File Size File Name Click Here MD5 Checksum
sTile 2.5 MB Download Now 6FE4805A3B81E9322F079FE23FE348D7
Mesmerizer 1.5 MB Download Now F22BC2D444DB6320EF0584B94EB343B7
Rip-Zip 3.1 MB RipZipArch.exe Download Now 41485FA05B492396473C1420CA68205A
CliPixure 1.2 MB Download Now 03E23E4A1EB8AA901E45211DF6B45A3E
Graphics Collection  24.8 MB Download Now 8C682339F0ECE31A5F93FCEEE61E1FD8
Hearts 5 MB Download Now 516D2F6E17CECEAD28FDFC060D737EF6

MD5 is a way to verify that the file you download has the same digital signature as what I uploaded.  There are several free MD5 programs and even websites where you can check the files.  I used  MD5_and_SHA_Checksum_Utility to generate the MD5's - I downloaded it from CNET at - it's free.

Graphics Collection - over 400 random images that I made with sTile.  Hearts - almost 100 hearts I made with sTile.  They are all jpg images of various sizes.

See my brief tutorial for making Hearts with sTile.