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April 2016 - Website Update!

This is just a site update.  I've made a couple of updates to sTile, but nothing that really enhances it.  No new effects, same tired old interface.  But, it's still free!

My website is also free of ads, and I do not ask for any donations. If you find that my programs do not work on your computer, I apologize.  I don't have the resources I once did for testing and debugging the program, and little free time.  If you have constructive suggestions for making the program work better, let me know.  I won't make any promises that I'll work on it asap or ever, but I'll try.

Don't be put off by the HarmWare name - it's just my nickname - Harm.  These programs are free from ads and viruses.  I write them purely for my use and entertainment, and I hope you use and enjoy them too.

A note about downloading my programs - some browsers may warn you that the file may be Dangerous.  When you download it there may be something similar to:


From what I can tell, Google and Chrome track how many times people have downloaded a file and if it does not meet their criteria they give this blanket warning.  I think I could pay them some money and I would get my program white-listed but I won't do that.  I'm not making any money on this and these programs are safe.  I encourage you to use the MD5 checksums to verify the files, and please scan them with your anti-virus and anti-malware software. 

Also Note - These are all 32-bit programs and have been tested on Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 10 64-bit.  They should work with older versions of Windows back to Windows XP.

- Create psychedlic Images that tile (are repeatable)

Download 1.6M MD5: 6FE4805A3B81E9322F079FE23FE348D7 

Screen Shots  Sample Images

- Uses a subset of sTile image-altering effects to animate images.

Download 1.6M MD5: F22BC2D444DB6320EF0584B94EB343B7 

Screen Shots

- A zip/unzip utility

Download 3.2M MD5: 41485FA05B492396473C1420CA68205A 

Screen Shots

- An image utility for storing images from the Clipboard

Download 1.3M MD5: 03E23E4A1EB8AA901E45211DF6B45A3E 

Screen Shots